ICANM 2017: International Conference & Exhibition on Advanced & Nano Materials
August 7-9, 2017, Toronto, Canada
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The Keynote Lecture "  Effective remediation of radioactive cesium-contaminated dry soils with a functional magnetite and its intrinsic performances " will be given by Dr. Yoshiharu Mitoma.

Dr. Yoshiharu Mitoma received his Ph.D. form Kyushu University in 1997 and he is currently  Professor at the Prefectural University of Hiroshima. Dr. Mitoma was awarded the Young Chemist Award from the Asian Chemical Congress (2005, Seoul, Korea) and from the International Conference on Environmental Science and Technology (Houston, Texas, USA). He was a peer in juries for different projects of two Japanese ministries (MEXT and METI). Currently, his studies specifically examine new dechlorination methods for use with dioxin and dioxin-like compounds using nanoparticles under dry or environmentally friendly conditions. His research also elucidates new solidification and immobilization methods for toxic heavy metals in soil.

The Keynote Lecture Examples of nanotechnology applied to Civil Infrastructure: Durability assessment " will be given by Mr. Jose Cubillo Capuz. 
Mr. Jose Cubillo Capuz is the head of Advanced Materials Group in Acciona R&D technological Centre. Since 2010, nominee as member of the Trustees Board of IMDEA Nanoscience research institute in Madrid. He is an expert in advanced materials for civil infrastructure. He was invited speaker in more than 10 international workshops during last 3 years dealing with nanotechnology applied in construction. Member of the steering committee for “Advanced Materials and Nanotechnologies for energy efficient and sustainable construction” appointed by EC (March 2014). He has successful experience in coordinating R&D national and European projects. He has several publications and holds 2 patents on advanced materials for construction. .

The Keynote Lecture " Corrosion control in reinforced concrete via nanocarriers " will be given by Dr. D.A.(Dessi) Koleva.
Dr.D.A.(Dessi) Koleva ia a professor at Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands; She is an  expert in the field of electrochemistry and corrosion, cathodic protection with emphasis reinforced concrete structures. She is a holder of patent on pulse cathodic protection; Winner of a prestigious VENI research grant., 2008/11 and three Marie Curie Grants 2002/2007 on galvanic nano-composite coatings and corrosion/protection for infrastructure. She has performed a pioneering research on simultaneously evaluating electrochemical phenomena and cement based microstructural properties, related to corrosion and corrosion control in reinforced concrete. More recently this cross-border research involves the application of nano-materials and wastes for corrosion control. She is the main lecturer and organiser of the international post-graduate course on corrosion and Corrosion Control for infrastructure, CSC2I (RIEM and Methrohm supported) .

The Keynote Lecture " Cermet Nanostructured Composites and High Pressure Cold Spray Coatings for Engineered Surfaces " will be given by Dr. Gobinda Saha.

Dr.  Gobinda Saha is an Associate Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at UNB. Before, he led the R&D at two successive Nanocomposites manufacturing companies in Calgary, AB in conjunction with academic appointment at the University of Calgary. His work served as the bridge divulging theoretical knowledge in nanocomposite materials into the design, synthesis, testing, and commercialization of two nanostructured coatings systems developed on the HVOF thermal spraying methodology. Simultaneously, his research in design, fabrication, processing, and characterization/testing of smart optical sensor reinforced FRP composites and modeling has contributed to the dissemination of knowledge through peer-review publication in over 50 papers, has patent protection application in process. Dr. Saha has given numerous keynote talks on the topic of Nanostructured Composites and Biocomposites. He has served as the Chair of ASME Composites & Heterogeneous Materials Technical Committee, as well the founding member of the Joint Canada-USA Regulatory Cooperation Council on developing strategies for nanomaterials including risk assessment and management and uses of industrial nanomaterials .

The Keynote Lecture " Nanocomposites based on conductive polymers and transition metal dichalcogenides " will be given by Dr. Rabin Bissessur .

Dr.   Rabin Bissessur is a Professor of Chemistry at the University of Prince Edward Island, where he is also currently serving as the Department Chair. His teaching responsibilities include a preparatory course in chemistry, general chemistry courses, analytical chemistry, analytical instrumentation and materials chemistry. Dr. Bissessur received his PhD from Michigan State University. His research interests are in the field of nanocomposite materials, conductive polymers and solid polymer electrolytes. He has authored/co-authored 47 refereed articles, and 14 book chapters.

The Keynote Lecture " The Role of Chemical Bonds in Nanophysics and Nanotechnology will be given by Dr. Alexi Gerasimov.

Dr. Alexi Gerasimov He completed his MSc in Physics (1959) and obtained his scientific degrees of Candidate (1975) and Doctor (1988) of Sciences in Solid State Physics at the Tbilisi State University (TSU).


Having been involved in materials research for about 60 years, Prof. Alexi Gerasimov has also worked as Researcher and then Chair and Head of Department and Scientific-Research Laboratory of Semiconductor Microelectronics at the TSU; Head of Laboratory at the Scientific Institute of Microelectronics; and the like.

Prof. Alexi Gerasimov worked not only in academia, but also in microelectronic industry of the former Soviet Union: he was Deputy Director & Chief Engineer of the Industrial-Scientific Association ‘Mion’.


In recent years, he was Scientific Director of the Gerasimov Research Laboratory, the Representative office in Georgia of the Liquid Light Inc. (Seattle, USA).


Prof. Alexi Gerasimov has developed his expertise in the fields of Solid State Physics, Semiconductors, Microelectronics, Nanophysics, and Nanotechnology. He has (co)authored more than 240 publications, among them 2 monographs, obtained up to 10 invention patents. In 1998, the International Committee on Scientific Discovers recognized his work “Exoelectronic emission of solids” as a scientific discovery.


He is Member of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Georgia and the Academy of Engineering of Georgia, and Laureate of the Ilia Vekua Award of the Georgian National Academy of Sciences.

The Keynote Lecture " Monomers, Biopolymers and Biomaterials from Renewable Lipids " will be given by Dr. Aman Ullah.

Dr.   Aman Ullah received his PhD (with distinction) in Chemical Sciences and Technologies in 2010 at the University of Genova, Italy by working together at Southern Methodist University, USA. He worked as a postdoctoral fellow before accepting an Assistant Professor position at the Department of Agricultural, Food and Nutritional Science, University of Alberta. He has recently developed and is teaching a new graduate course entitled “Renewable Biomaterials”. This course deals with fundamentals in bio-based materials development, characterization, and various industrial applications. Current research, recent literature, and real-life applications of biomaterials/bionanomaterials in various industries are discussed throughout the course. Aman has published more than 36 papers in reputed journals and 3 patents/patent applications. He was named a Canadian Rising Star in Global Health by Grand Challenges Canada in 2012 .

Plenary talks

The Plenary Lecture " Photon emissions in l anthanide -doped layered anosheets and nanoparticles for diverse applications " will be given by Dr. Jianhua Hao .

Dr.   Jianhua Hao  is a Full Professor and Associate Head of Department of Applied Physics in the Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU). He received his BSc, MSc and PhD at Huazhong University of Science and Technology. After working at Penn State University, University of Guelph and University of Hong Kong, Jianhua Hao joined the faculty in PolyU in 2006. He has published more than 2 1 0 SCI papers , including Chem. Soc. Rev., Adv. Mater., Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., Adv. Funct. Mater., ACS Nano as corresponding author . He was also invited to give a number of keynote/invited lectures in various international conferences. He is the first inventor of several US patents. He serves as Editorial Board Member/Senior Editor for several international journals, such as Scientific Reports and Advanced Optical Materials.

The Plenary Lecture " Plasma Spray Coatings with Nano Structured Materials " will be given by Dr. Buta Singh Sidhu .

Dr. Buta Singh Sidhu  is currently  Dean Planning and Development at MRS PTU Bathinda, India. He was  Dean Academic at one of the largest technical university in India , Punjab Technical University for more than six years.  He obtained his Ph. D. from the renowned Indian Institute of Technology Rookee in 2003. He has published more than 100 publications and worked extensively in the area of thermal spray coatings.

The Plenary Lecture " Novel Nafion – Free Nano-Composites for High Temperature Fuel Cells Applications: Recent Approaches " will be given by Dr. Amani Al-Othman .

Dr. Amani Al-Othman is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Chemical Engineering/American University of Sharjah-UAE. She has received her Master’s degree in Mining , Metals and Materials engineering from McGill university, and her Ph.D. Chemical and Biological Engineer ing from the University of Ottawa. Her research interests includes composite high temperature membranes, electrodes for fuel cells, bio-electrodes, and nano particles for drug delivery applications.

The Plenary Lecture " Agriresidue potential for high absorbing composites with versatile applications in precision farming " will be given by Dr. Anupama Singh .

Dr. Anupama Singh received her M.Sc. (Chemistry) in 1996; gold medalist, PhD (Organic Chemistry) in 2001 from MD University, Rohtak, Haryana state. Served Indian Agricultural Res arch Institute since 1997 in various capacities as Scientist, Senior Scientist, Principal Scientist; presently Head of the Division of Agricultural Chemicals, IARI. Accredited with various prestigious awards including 4 national awards, My group has worked primarily on Hydrogel and composite chemistry; guided 10 students as Guide and co-guide; filed 10 national and international patents and published more than 35 research papers. Group leader of formulation group; major emphasis on smart polymers for formulations of agroinputs. .



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